My Workplace

Hi. My name is Parvati. Today is my first day at job and finally got into the profile I wanted, Client servicing. Or maybe Just cause I did not get any other profile but needed some money anyway.

You know the drill, Saturday night parties and Sunday brunches and then joining the gym to do some lunges. Requires money dude.

The only problem with my workplace is that it is always too hot in the office, though it is a boon that I am doing a night shift as it makes it a bit more cooler.

They haven’t installed a single air conditioner but the coffee machine being a 2 minutes walk , curbs my thirst a bit more sooner.

Though some days at work really get spoilt if I have had a fight with my boyfriend.

Like who even likes to work with a fight on mind. But then the client calls, and meeting with the manager and I have got to carry on.

Oh one minute. Did you’all guess the sector I work in? Or has the stereotype blinded you so much that the description I just gave does not even get you close to making the right guess.


Yes I am a prostitute and hence don’t expect your gratitude but I wonder why no one guesses my profession right when I say this. Oh yes, my “Profession”.

Does the name Parvati which means the hindu goddess of love and fertility  make it difficult for you to digest that I am a prostitute who you thought could only be a rosy or a pinky.

A job is when someone works to earn money and help their family find a way, then why on prostitution being called a job is causing around so much dismay.

Does it lower the respect and esteem associated with the term “servicing” if technically what a prostitute is doing is the exact same thing? Servicing.

Servicing the sexual pleasure of men who hold their feeelings in their abdomen,

and their nostrils exhaling erotic air, and eyes staring at those pairs.

They forget they have paid to live their orgasm and not to abuse her rightful freedom.

They have consent for sex offered ,not for slaps and forceful touches,

consent to act as per contract and not to have an unsafe contact.

Do my Saturday night plans disturb your ideal guestlist and make you realise that those creepy smiles and displeasing advances were maybe to a “prostitute”.

Or does it remind you of the co incidence when you called this woman a slut on her dismissing your spooky advances, but guess what? She actually might have been a “slut”.

I heard someone shout, “What a shame, she sells her body”

Well sorry sir, but if selling my body makes prostitution a taboo, I have some interesting facts for you too

Yes I do sell my body to earn some money but somehow I don’t see anything different out here,

Cause I see you running in stress and worry, smoking a cigarette over your stock market money,

Maybe you make your money by  burdening, but its at the cost of selling your health honey.

You wake up at 7 in the morning, rushing and running to make it in time,

Not a single minute for your loved ones, not an opportunity to see them alone survive,

Yes you earn in billions maybe, but sir, what you just sold is all of your time.

So then why does me selling my body make my profession so disrespectful?

Is it cause I am selling something that I share with my partner too?

But well in that case, we share our time and soul with our partner too,

And trust me that is much more arousing than sharing our bodies nude.

You manipulate the graph curve, to up your company’s profits,

I manipulate my body curves to 36-24-36

You enlarge the fonts in your ppt, I enlarge my boobs for visibility,

You get validation on how well you prepapre those google spreadsheets,

I get mine on how well I spread in that bedsheet.


Well still I am looked down upon and my profession abused,

Not more than 5 people accept me and I am not amused

My dear corporate biggies, our roles are similar, just battleground very distinct,

My dear Family, my body is touched and rented often, but heart and soul never boughten

My dear client, I respect you as you are my bread and butter, but forced abuse is a complete different matter.

I will wait for the day when slut is not equated with shaming,

Or when being in any other profession becomes equally humiliating.

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