Bachelors in Marriage

I am 26, and done with my studies, collected my degrees like checkpoint timely,

By this age one should feel content and relieved, but everyone forgets, the unconquered boss

Havent yet finished my final degree, which entitles me to live with my spouse

I thought I would have to conquer her heart, but that is when the society’s stereotypes  arouse.

Marriage doesn’t  look like what its supposed to be, it just is another degree, I have to achieve.


I am the interviewee, her relatives the interview panel,

Position I apply for is their daughter, lets see if I get the offer letter

I thought they wanted someone with whom her daughter could live happily ever after

But now I realise, it does not at all matter

They want to know if I smoke or drink

Because to be with her daughter, I have to be clean

I wish I could tell her when her daughter partied,

Sipping a beer and an “occasional” cigarette adding to the scene


Then they notice my height and looks,

They want a model and not a man

My hair should be amazing and my skin all bright

Only then will I pass as a match who is “right”.

I wish I could point out the flaws in her within,

Which I never saw, and let it come in between.


Now they ask me how much I earn,

Cause they want a billionaire, orelse what fun.

They want her daughter to marry my money,

Then why am I sitting and humiliating my feelings.

I want to tell them that I earn cause I work where I like working,

And not to match your daughter’s billing

I earn to sustain my family and their wishes

And not to please random fishes.



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