The school days learnings, why so deluding?

Yes I have my dear memories of school
Where I learnt, played, reviewed and grew
Fairytales always portrayed prince charming comes to rescue
While Shakespeare said that a best friend could kill too;
Science was my weakness & the arts my strength
Where science was 100 marks graded, arts quite degraded.

Today while I reminisce about my school days which were ‘oh so good’
I sit back and think whether it was all just to delude?

I loved the English lecture during my junior schooling
Everyday we learnt a new tale, which today seems so fooling.                                                     Why was The Red Riding Hood asked to not go out in the woods?
Why is a girl always restricted by rules?
Why did the story teach that a girl out alone wearing red
Is eventually going to be destroyed by a monster in bed

Why was it always a “Prince” who got cindrella out of rags
And why was it again a “Prince” who saved the sleeping beauty’s day.
Why Were the women portrayed so helpless and weak,
that they always needed a prince to make their way?

The school instilled gender bias in the form of stories so nice,
I am still wondering whether the school days so good, were just to delude?

The arts lecture commenced, out came the oil pastels
Green mountains below the orange sky, and my creativity flew
When colouring the man, I asked which shade to use?
“Skin colour for the humans”, it defined how a human should always look

Since when was the colour of the skin stereotyped around?
I like my human wearing a skin black and brown.

It was my birthday, and I could wear clothes of my choice to school
As excited as I was, I thought I looked dapper in that pink jacket
Everyone started laughing, they called me a male Barbie,
Humiliating as it was, I started weeping.                                                                                                 My teacher consoled me and said, “You are a strong boy,
You are no girl,and hence should not cry”

I learnt a lesson with which I grew
Colours and emotions have a gender too.

It scares me now to think further,
It seems the school days so good, were just to delude.

Ours is a secular Country, I think is an illusion,
Riots here, Riots there, it scares me to pick a religion
Why do I know the atrocities of these religious conflicts, I always wonder
Oh how can I even forget, my exam always had the hindu muslim riots as a 10 mark question.

I am sure my country celebrates a history, much better and proud
Then why doesn’t it make it to the books,instead of this?
It now makes me shed a tear because I have to believe
Alas! My school days so good, were definitely just to delude.

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